Pasific Carpet [115x180 Cm]
Pasific Carpet [115x180 Cm]
Pasific Carpet [115x180 Cm]

Pasific Carpet [115x180 Cm]


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Width: 115 cm | Height: 0.5 cm | Depth: 180 cm

Pacific Carpet , which brings a fresh touch to the living space with its ocean-like appearance , comes to the fore with its 115x180 cm size. Dynamic patterns created by blue and white tones can be used on both sides as they are on both sides. It adds a lively and modern atmosphere to areas such as the living room and bedroom.

Pasific Carpet, which is produced with the use of cotton and polyester yarns, can be cleaned by washing in the sensitive setting of the washing machine. Thanks to its breathable feature, it does not cause dusting and helps to prevent mite formation.

Product Material Information:
It is produced from 60% cotton, 40% polyester blended yarn.

Directions for Use:

  • Liquid spilled on it should be removed with an absorbent cloth or vacuum.
  • Stains should be intervened immediately.
  • If possible, they should be changed at regular intervals by placing materials such as felt so that the items placed on them do not leave footprints.
  • Differences may occur on the carpet surface depending on the intensity of use. To prevent this, the direction of the carpet should be changed at regular intervals.
  • When the carpet is not in use, it should be stored in rolls in a humidity-free environment.

Washing Instructions:

  • It can be washed in a washing machine with a delicate setting at a water temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.
  • Whipping and beating should not be done while cleaning.
  • It should be cleaned using a soft cloth with Natural soap or carpet shampoo.
  • Chemical detergents and hard materials such as brushes should not be used for cleaning.
  • It should be dried in a short time after cleaning, it should not be left wet or used.

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