Don't Waste Of Lean Management, I Have Respect For People

Lean production and lean management, in a nutshell, products and services, are expressing to offer to the customer the fastest way to produce correctly the first time. The basic philosophy of Lean Thinking in the waste purge system that imposes all the load is taking place. Respect for people and continuous training is also a prerequisite to achieve this are going through.

Our Quality Policy

Consumers are always the most secure, affordable and functional products to provide. This policy to achieve our goals;

1. Make the best use of technology,

2. Maximize consumer awareness and competencies of our employees to ensure that they have access to

3. To comply with the requirements of the quality management system, constantly develop and improve.

Our Certificates

Forward child safety products are designed and manufactured according to the standards of a Çilek, using materials harmless to health in accordance with European Union standards, with high technology is produced.

Çilek electric accessories CE certificatena Packaged materials certificate of reachna, metal and plastic edge bands that are used in dyes and materials published by the EU RoHS directive, and what is MOST toxic elemental analysis 71-3report and also conformity according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system certifications. The furniture of strawberries produced in accordance with the standard E1, the E1 demonstrate the absence of a carcinogenic effect have a declaration of conformity by tse TSE.

Cilek Guarantee

All products resulting from the production of branded Çilek degradation that resist fading and breakage of Çilek a guarantee has been. Çilek, gives you complete control over the whole manufacturing process. Thus, practical, stylish, comfortable and offers extremely high quality and reliable products it is worth it. Çilek branded products specially designed, top-level technology standards are manufactured. In the back of this warranty, high quality materials, advanced technology, fine workmanship and excellent design has a team working for Çilek.

Please read carefully the usage instructions specified on the products. Because of its shape will occur from improper handling or cleaning; tearing, fading, defects such as breakage and wear is beyond the scope guarantee.