Paradise Lampshade
Paradise Lampshade

Paradise Lampshade


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Width: 22 cm | Height: 46 cm | Depth: 22 cm

Adding a mysterious atmosphere to baby, children's and teenage rooms with its classic design line, Paradise Lampshade helps to illuminate living spaces. Designed with wooden material, the product defies years with its durable structure. Lace and hat details that make the design unique are adorned with elegant embroidered motifs. Paradise Lampshade, produced according to CE standards, is used together with a 13 Watt E27 socket type light bulb, transforming living spaces into special places where you live with pleasure.

Product Material Information:

  • PVC cap covered with embroidered polyester fabric.
  • Wooden base and body.
  • Grounded steel wire electrical installation.

Instructions for Use:

  • The electrical voltage should be between 220 -230 V.
  • 13 watt E27 socket type bulb should be used.
  • It is recommended to use other brands of energy saving or led bulbs approved by Philips, Osram, General Electric and Quality Improvement.

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