Happy Ceiling Lamp
Happy Ceiling Lamp

Happy Ceiling Lamp


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Width: 36 cm | Height: 93 cm | Depth: 36 cm

Happy ceiling lighting is an ideal chandelier model that can be chosen to meet the lighting needs of children's and young people's rooms with its aesthetic appearance. The fabric covering that covers the hat part of the product, which is used with a single bulb, adds colour to the lives of children, while at the same time, it promises a long service life with its durability.

Embroidery and figures on it create a heartwarming atmosphere in living spaces. The cable set, which can be adjusted according to the ceiling height, makes it possible to use the chandelier in different areas.

Note: The installation of our ceiling lighting belongs to our customers.

Product Material Information:

  • PVC hat covered with embroidered fabric.
  • Plastic roof cover.
  • Earthed steel wire electrical installation.

Instructions for Use:

  • The electrical voltage should be between 220 -230 V.
  • 13 watt E27 socket-type bulb should be used.
  • It is recommended to use other brands of energy-saving or led bulbs approved by Philips, Osram, General Electric and Quality Improvement.

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