Gts Duvet Set (160x216 Cm)

Gts Duvet Set (160x216 Cm)


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Width: 160 cm | Depth: 216 cm

The race car themed GTS duvet cover perfectly complements the kids' room. GTS duvet cover set (160x216 cm), produced using 100% cotton fabric material, offers perfect comfort with its soft texture. The set includes a duvet cover suitable for single duvets, a 165x225 cm bed sheet and two 50x70 cm pillowcases. The GTS duvet cover set combines red, gray and black.

Product Content and Dimensions:
The product consists of 4 parts;

  • 1 duvet cover (160x216 cm)
  • 1 sheet (165x235 cm)
  • 1 grey pillowcase (50x70 cm)
  • 1 red pillowcase (50x70 cm)

Material Information:

  • Red fabric 100% cotton.
  • Grey fabric 100% cotton.
  • Black fabric 100% cotton.

Washing Instructions:

  • It should be washed in the washing machine at the highest 30 degrees.
  • After the washing process is finished, it should not be kept in the washing machine.
  • Drum drying can be done.
  • Not suitable for dry cleaning.
  • It can be ironed at medium temperature.
  • Bleach cannot be used.

Warning: Since the fabrics used in our product are cotton, they may shrink after washing. This situation can be experienced in all textile products containing cotton fabric.

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