Gamer Chair
Gamer Chair
Gamer Chair
Gamer Chair

Gamer Chair


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Width: 90 cm | Height: 46 cm | Depth: 62 cm

Designed as a gaming chair, the Gamer Chair enriches the racing seat form with sporty stitching. Its ergonomic design is enhanced by its 360-degree rotating wheeled base, adjustable height, and backrest angle.

The Gamer Chair guarantees comfort during long hours spent at the computer. With its multifunctional mechanism, the chair allows simultaneous adjustment of height and tilt tension, featuring a leather-upholstered seating and leaning area.

Product Material Information:
• Seat and backrest skeleton made of single-piece wooden chipboard
• Seat and backrest upholstered in black/burgundy leather, 100% polyester
• Seat padding material: 26 density sponge, backrest padding material: 28 density sponge
• Headrest cushion filled with bead fiber
• Back angle adjustment mechanism
• Plastic armrests
• Plastic star base
• Detachable plastic casters

Instructions for Use and Care:
• Before use, ensure all screws and nuts are tightened securely
• Connection points of screws, nuts, and wheels should be periodically checked
• Do not stand on the chair
• The chair should not be used as a step ladder or for moving items around the house
• If any parts of the product are damaged or worn, do not use unauthorized replacement parts
• Serious injuries may occur if warning information in the user manual is ignored
• Bleach, bleach chemicals, and wire brushes should not be used during cleaning
• Stains on the product should be treated immediately during cleaning.

For installation and delivery options, please contact your local dealer in your country of residence.

For after sales support, please contact your local dealer in your country of residence.

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