Folding Crib [45x90 Cm]
Folding Crib [45x90 Cm]
Folding Crib [45x90 Cm]
Folding Crib [45x90 Cm]
Folding Crib [45x90 Cm]
Folding Crib [45x90 Cm]
Folding Crib [45x90 Cm]

Folding Crib [45x90 Cm]


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Width: 71 cm | Height: 75 cm | Depth: 96cm

The wooden framed folding crib is a comfortable and safe sleeping area for babies 0-6 months old. The fabric protection set surrounding the wooden frame can be used on both sides. The fabric cover has a portable fabric pocket and is suitable for use on either side of the bassinet. The sponge mattress included in the product should be made top/bottom at regular intervals. You can easily remove the lower legs of the wooden frame and fold the cradle to carry it practically anywhere you want. Folding bassinet with dimensions of 45 x 90 cm is made of varnished beech wood.

Material Information:

  • Varnished wooden frame parts are made of beech wood.
  • Fabric protection set and fabric pocket 100% cotton fabric.

Product Features:

  • The product consists of wooden frame, textile protection set and foam mattress.
  • Bed size is 40x80x4 cm.
  • Fabric side protection can be used on both sides. There is a portable fabric pocket on it, it can be used on both sides of the product.
  • When desired, the lower wooden legs can be dismantled and folded and can be transported practically.

Instructions for Use and Cleaning:

  • Before using the product, the warranty conditions and instructions for use in the package should be read carefully and kept.
  • Do not use the crib, open fire, electric stove, gas stove, etc. Care must be taken to keep it away from fire-hazard environments.
  • The direction of the sponge bed should be changed in certain periods, and it should be used by making it upside down.
  • Cleaning materials containing bleaching chemicals and brushes with hard wires should never be used for surface cleaning of wooden parts.

Fabric side protection and fabric pocket;

  • It should be washed in the washing machine in a delicate setting, not exceeding 30 degrees.
  • Bleach should not be used during washing.
  • It should not be kept wet in the washing machine after washing.
  • It should not be dried in drying machines, it should be dried in natural environments by laying method.
  • Dry cleaning should not be done.
  • Ironing can be done at the lowest temperature.

Cilek is Turkish quality Brand. Wooden products are made of MDF board with extra strengthening full-piece wood, adhering to the highest EU safety standards for your loved ones.

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