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Dual Chair Grey - ON ORDER ONLY


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Width: 59 cm | Height: 95 cm | Depth: 56 cm

Dual chairs are specially produced in children's and youth rooms to create a special working area for them. The Dual chair, which can be used for many years thanks to its heat and durable materials, also stands out with its mechanism that offers 360-degree rotation. The dual chair can be personalized thanks to the height-adjusting shock absorber. In addition to its convenience, comfort and safe use, the product also presents a modern look with its grey colour.

Note: The carrying capacity is a maximum of 80 kg.

Product Features:

  • The seat, backrest and armrests are made of one piece and made of high-strength plastic material.
  • Seat and backrest parts are covered with upholstery fabric and sponge is used as filling material.
  • There is a height adjustment mechanism on the lower front of the seat.

Material Properties:

  • Product framework; Special wood and metal material that is more resistant to impacts.
  • Seat and backrest upholstery fabric 100% polyester.
  • Upholstery filling material 45 DNS sponge.

Usage and Maintenance Instructions:

  • Before starting to use, it should be ensured that the fittings are fully assembled.
  • Parts connection areas should be checked at periodic intervals.
  • Do not stand on the chair.
  • The chair should not be used as a stepladder or for carrying goods inside the house.
  • In case of damage or wear of product parts, non-factory approved spare parts should not be used in place of the relevant part.
  • Dry, soft cloths should be used for cleaning and wiping.
  • Bleach, bleach, detergents containing chemicals and wire brushes should not be used during cleaning.
  • Any stains that may occur should be dealt with immediately.
  • In order not to deform the armrest and seat parts of the chair, care should be taken not to hit the table by making sudden turns to the right and left during operation.

For installation and delivery options, please contact your local dealer in your country of residence.

For after sales support, please contact your local dealer in your country of residence.