Bamboo Mattress [100x190x19 Cm]
Bamboo Mattress [100x190x19 Cm]

Bamboo Mattress [100x190x19 Cm]


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Width: 100 cm | Height: 19 cm | Depth: 190 cm
  • What's included? One mattress to fit the bed of your choice. Look out for the mattress size needed for the cot that you selected and select the size that your require. Bedframe is not included.
  • Cilek mattress is a good mix between comfort, thickness and price. Note that most of Cilek's bed frames fit European Twin and Full sizes (e.g. 100x200 cm or 120x200 cm). As such, if you purchase Cilek bed frames, it is best to pair them with a Cilek mattress. The exception is 90x190 cm -- that is a Singapore-size single mattress.
  • The Bamboo mattress is an 8"  spring mattress, which uses a knitted bamboo yarn which is flexible and compatible with the bed folds. This helps with a high rate of sweat absorption. There is 29mm of felt top, along with 14mm quilted foam which helps provide extra comfort to the base spring mattress that supports the body weight.

Çilek products, which are designed and produced according to advanced child safety standards, are produced with high technology, using materials that are harmless to health in accordance with European Union standards.

We have CE certificate for Çilek electrical accessories, REACH certificate for packaged materials, a conformity report according to RoHS Directive published by EU for paints and edge bands used in metal and plastic materials and EN 71-3 toxic element analysis, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Has management system documentation. The furniture produced by Çilek in accordance with the E1 standard has the TSE E1 conformity certificate, which shows that it has no carcinogenic effect.

Çilek has CE certificate in Electrical accessories. It has REACH certificate for packaging materials. Çilek has a conformity report for paint and edge bands used in metal and plastic materials according to the RoHS Directive issued by the EU and EN 71-3 toxic element analysis. Cilek also has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system certificates.

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