Bamboo Mattress
Bamboo Mattress

Bamboo Mattress


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(90x190 cm) Width: 90 cm | Height: 19 cm | Depth: 190 cm
(90x200 cm) Width: 90 cm | Height: 19 cm | Depth: 200 cm
(100x190 cm) Width: 100 cm | Height: 19 cm | Depth: 190 cm

Offering a healthy and comfortable sleep experience, Bamboo mattress creates a comfortable sleeping area with its size of 100x190x19 cm. Bamboo Mattress, which stands out with its ergonomic design, supports the natural structure of the body thanks to the herculean springs placed inside.

Bamboo Mattress, which offers a quality sleep environment; It acquires a very soft form with the combination of felt, sponge and various filling materials. The knitted fabric, developed with the use of bamboo yarn, prevents the formation of bad odor in the bed thanks to its high sweat absorbing performance. Bamboo Mattress, which makes you feel rested even after sleep, is one of the most useful products of bedrooms.

The knit fabric, developed using bamboo yarns, gives a unique comfort to the mattress with its flexibility and softness. Bamboo Mattress, which has a completely natural and sweat absorbent upper surface cover, can be used for many years with its hygienic and healthy structure.

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