Baby Cotton SL Canopy
Baby Cotton SL Canopy

Baby Cotton SL Canopy


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Width: 300 cm | Height: 220 cm | Depth: 40 cm

Mosquito net compatible with Baby Cotton modules; It adds peace to baby rooms with its useful, stylish and elegant lines. Baby Cotton SL Mosquito Net is specially prepared by professional craftsmen with different fabrics, embroidery and piping. Adorned with unique motifs of the sky such as stars, clouds and sun, the design is inspired by the imagination of babies. The mosquito net, which offers comfort of use with its light and durable structure, is among the indispensables of baby rooms. 

Material Information:

  • White mosquito net tulle 100% polyester.
  • Top and side strip fabrics 65% cotton 35% polyester.
  • Mosquito net handle polyester material.
  • Mosquito net hanger and connection apparatus are nickel plated.

Washing Instructions:

  • The highest washing temperature should be 30 degrees.
  • Drum drying should not be done.
  • Dry cleaning should not be done.
  • Bleach etc. Chemicals should not be used.
  • Ironing should not be done.

Directions for Use:

  • Our product is compatible with 60x120, 70x130, 75x160, 80x180 cm cots produced by Çilek Furniture.
  • The mosquito net must be installed according to the instructions in the assembly book included in the package.
  • When assembling the mosquito net to the baby cot, care must be taken to ensure that all fasteners are properly and securely fastened.
  • The screws of the lower and upper metal parts that ensure the stability of the mosquito net on the baby guard should be checked at regular intervals, and in case of loosening, they should be tightened with a suitable Allen key.
  • As long as the product is used, the intermediate distances of the lower and upper fixing metal parts should not be changed randomly.

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