Baby Cotton Ceiling Lamp

Baby Cotton Ceiling Lamp


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Width: 30 cm | Height: 100 cm | Depth: 30cm

The Baby Cotton chandelier model is a lighting accessory that will illuminate the living space of children and color their imaginations. The fabric-covered headboard, enriched with embroidery and figures, creates an ideal appearance for areas such as children's rooms and baby rooms. Baby Cotton ceiling lighting with dimensions of 30x100x30 cm can be used for many years thanks to the durable PVC hat used in its construction. The adjustable cable set allows the Baby Cotton ceiling lighting to be used in different environments. Its cute design and proficiency in lighting create a spacious environment for children and babies.

  • The hat of our chandelier is covered with fabric, and it is enriched with embroidery and figures.
  • The cable set of our chandelier can be adjusted according to the ceiling height.
  • Our chandelier has CE certificate.

Note:  The installation of our ceiling lighting belongs to our customers.

Product Material Information:

  • 100% polyester printed fabric covered PVC cap.
  • Flexible roof hatch.
  • Earthed steel wire electrical installation.

Instructions for Use:

  • The electrical voltage should be between 220 -240 V.
  • 13 watt E27 socket type bulb should be used.
  • It is recommended to use other brands of energy saving or led bulbs approved by Philips, Osram, General Electric and Quality Improvement.

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